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It is often very tedious to gather all Wikidata ID's in order to create a dynamic district map for Wikivoyage. The macro on this page can automate this task.
Example: To get all the districts of Prague is just a matter of minutes with this tool.
Example: Prague


  1. Enter the Name of the place to districtify.
  2. Enter the Administrative Level of the subdistricts you are looking for. This is sort of a trial-and-error process. The admin level has to be larger than the one of the place defined in the name field (So if you look for districts of a city like Prague, which has "admin_level=8" the districts will show up by entering either "9" or "10"). Alternatively check the sub-districts in OSM and copy the value of "admin_level" to get the right admin_level without trial-and-error (e.g. VyŇ°ehrad has "admin_level=10". Thus you select the "10" radio button).
  3. Click on Create Mapshapes to get code, which can be directly pasted to Wikivoyage & an overview table of all districts.

Example queries

Example: Prague Subdistricts of Prague
Name: Prague
Administrative Level: 10
Example: Slovakia Regions of Slovakia*
Name: Slovakia
Administrative Level: 8
Example: France Regions of France*
Name: France
Administrative Level: 4
Example: Boroughs of Berlin Boroughs of Berlin
Name: Berlin
Administrative Level: 9
Example: Neighborhoods of Berlin Neighborhoods of Berlin
Name: Berlin
Administrative Level: 10
* Overpass queries on larger areas (i.e. whole countries) can take a considerable amount of time to compute. The regions of France in the example above take about 4mins to compute.


If you have ideas on how to make this tool better please head over to the github page and participate or leave a comment down below.